I wanted to take a moment to Thank You for the time you have spent here exploring the site and getting to know what LMP is all about. (Going the Distance and then Fueling it with Awareness, Alignment and Momentum)

Creating Life Makeover Party has been one of The Most Powerful experiences I have ever had. It has been my healing ground and a place for me to rise. It is my hope that you can feel its presence in your life too, and that your experience here is just as valuable as mine has been.

I realize I may not be for everybody, but the information is. The information is Fantastic, Life Changing and Priceless! So why am I preempting this here? Because I am a realist and come from a background of Real Talk, which includes cussing, honest and raw conversation.

I want to avoid any possible offense to anyone who might be sensitive to any of the following:

The “F” bomb is dropped here

The “B” word is dropped here

“GD” is dropped here

Actually… you know what, I’m not even going to try and list all of the societal forbidden words here because I say them “all”. I don’t “cuss like a sailor” (anymore) but it is still present and it is part of how I express myself, and I will not make any apologies for it. Instead, I’m just going to write you this little note. lol

You are here to Learn, Grow and Transform your life into something Magnificent for You. Because Life Makeover Party is an Achievement site, I wanted to leave this here so that there are no surprises that might cause you to pause your progress.

So basically what I am trying to say is – I come with a warning label ;)

It is also important to me for you to understand that I am NOT a Life Coach. I’m a Navigator of Energy, an Empathic Teacher, a Healer and Motivator who happens to provide spiritual mentoring, coaching, consulting and guidance. There is a very big difference.

A Life Coach works with the Present and the Future, they do not work with the past or provide healing. Rather, they cut out all the fluff, ask powerful questions and take you straight to the successful completion of your goal. They are lightning rods of awesome leadership.

But that’s not what I am.

As a Navigator of Energy and Empathic Teacher, I am your chaperon into a new paradigm, it is my job to escort you into energetic awareness and understanding as to where your current path is going to lead you, and show you How To tap into the Specific Alignment that is going to bring you what you “TRULY” desire.

You are a Woman, you have Natural Empathic abilities, so it is also my job to show you How To navigate your own internal dial so that you are able to Open and Receive what rightfully belongs to you, “Happiness”.

Because I’m also a Healer and Motivator, I work with all 3, the Past, Present and Future. I explore the many layers of healing as well as coaching, consulting and guidance. I’m dramatic, I like all the Fluff, so I don’t remove any of the cushion, so to speak.

While both Life Coaching and what I do allow you to arrive at the same destination of success, the road travelled is very different.

Is it all unicorns and rainbows? No way! I had to Stretch to get here, so feel comfort in knowing that I will never ask you to do something that I have not already done myself. You HAVE to work for it, you HAVE to be in a place of receiving, and you HAVE to be willing to keep going. No giving up, EVER.

So, with that said, lets have some Fun while we keep climbing that hill of never ending lessons learned, together.

Ready? Then Lets Get this Party Started!

Peace, Laurie


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