If you had just one opportunity to seize everything you have ever wanted,
would you know what to do?

Imagine your life exploding into exactly what you want, achieving and accomplishing your most cherished goals and dreams while resculpting the totality of Who You Are.

Learn to align your unique expression of magnificence and make it a reality. Wisely craft and formulate the life that is a perfect fit for you! You’re absolutely going to love your experience here, and it’s impossible to fail in your growth when you apply the action and lessons correctly. You will create a brilliant life with Passion, Spirit and Harmony. It will be joyful and uncomplicated because you will also be redesigning your everyday tasks, chores and that never ending “To Do” list.

Tapping into Vitality and Momentum is Transformative and Very Exciting! It feels good.

This is a company that values women. I have carved a path to wellness and I’m willing to show you how to do the same. The one common root you will find throughout our connection is Realism. I’m not pulling from just text book learning, I am pulling from my personal experience of life, love and the ever powerful lessons learned.

I specialize in connecting with people of all ages who are pursuing Greatness in their life, those who are Ready to transform their lives from ordinary to extraordinary. Life Makeover Party’s purpose is to equip women with the tools, resources and knowledge needed to start their own Life Makeover Party Business, so you can mindfully indulge in Abundance, Satisfaction and Happiness.

The main lesson in life that I have learned is, no matter what, you need money. If you are on a Spiritual Journey, you need money. If you are on a quest for Emotional and Mental Healing, you need money. If you are Educating yourself, you need money. If you are a Parent, you need money. If you are Pursuing Your Dreams, you need money. Most importantly, if Realism is kicking your ass, you need money.

The Good News – Life Makeover Party is a Place where Magical things Happen for Women who are Willing to Go The Distance.

Your connection here is filled with solutions for what holds back the life you know you are meant to live. The Best Part – You DON’T NEED ANY EXPERIENCE to do what I am offering, because you are getting your own Personal Blueprint for Success. AND you are exposed to a Powerful Support System to help keep you motivated and inspired.

In the next few minutes I am going to show you some amazing facts about how you can literally get your life Balanced and on point while getting paid to play, have fun and make new friends. By the end of this letter you will know exactly how you can identify your passions, and harness your inner Goddess to turn those passions in to Your Own Home Based Business that can provide the financial freedom and relief you need.


 But First…
Allow me to Introduce myself,

My name is Laurie, it means Victor/Victorious. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, it hasn’t been! Its a little hard to wear the Crown of Victory while riding the ass end of the Hard Way.

I have been there and done that. Some I would do again, and some I would run screaming from if ever confronted with it again. It’s a story of Angels, Demons, Thugs, Gangsters, Prostitution, Addiction, Abandonment and Homelessness.

Rest assured, I know what it’s like to run out of gas at Dysfunction Junction. You know, because things just aren’t Hard Enough.

My area of expertise is: Navigating Energy, elevating you, proving your magnificence, reading the essence and energy of a situation and then teaching “you” how to redirect it in order to enhance or reshape the outcome. I put the awareness of your power and your greatness in the palm of your hands, and then show you what to do with it.

As a skilled Empathic Teacher, Healer and Motivator – intuition, realism and spiritualism are my tools to open you up to a greater Balance within the totality of who you are. I have a profound ability to reach in and open you up on the deepest of levels. You “will” reshape the layers of your life and tap into the success that is Your Birthright.

Your experience here focuses on identifying and promoting your strengths in order to enable you to release the energy of the past and move into the present with success. The more you focus on your strengths the more my influence is able to assist you in facilitating healing for your Body, Mind and Soul.

I started Life Makeover Party in 2007 with the idea to share all of the Self Help and Self Transformation items I have created and/or own. I’m sure you can imagine, with a past like mine there had to be some damage, and there was, hell, there are still some areas of my life that need attention. I’m not perfect, but I am a Woman, a Goddess who Never gives up, and who consistently carves out New Paths and Maps to figure out how to arrive at some functional level of Healing and Growth that is right for me, or that works for me.

My life is still in motion, believe me, I get it. I am a real woman with real world needs. I fuss, cuss, lose it, cry and have strong emotions, so clearly I face the very same challenge as you, and that is to Intentionally put myself Back in Alignment. LMP provides amazing tools to make that transition easier to understand and do.

I’m “into” a lot of the Soft Touch industries – Emotional and Spiritual Healing, Personal Growth, Law of Attraction, Woman’s Intuition, Self Discovery, Motivation, Inspiration, Supporting Others, Encouragement, Life Coaching, Psychic Energy, Empathic Energy, The Natural Magic of a Womans Inner Being, Astrology, Reiki, AND so on. I’m an Aquarius so I like all of that “Froo Froo” stuff ;)

I also believe that Women are a force to be reckoned with, but sometimes we need a little “Help” along the way. We also need to be Reminded of Our Greatness from time to time. Most importantly, we need to “Do More” to support each other. AND We Need to Make Money, so I created an incredible and empowering system that works.


  So, What is this
One of a Kind Business Opportunity?


I’m going to reveal to you How You can easily duplicate Life Makeover Party’s system and become Financially Free to do what you want and live how you want. Its a Business for Your Body, Mind and Soul.

Why are these strategies a genuine way to start making the kind of money you want and need, and why have I decided to share them with You? Because we, as a People, HAVE to do “Better”. Whether you agree with it or not, we are all in this Together. LMP provides a Path, a way to “Get there”, in whatever form that looks like to you. It’s Your Business, you can design it exactly how you want it.

Want to feel Emotionally “Better”? We got you. Want to make Money? We got you. Want to bring clarity to your Passion and Purpose? We got you. Want to create a New Mindset? We got you.

Everything here is designed with a financial investment that Everyday People can Achieve. After all, “we” are Everyday People, and this is all about Achieving, Succeeding and Celebrating!


Before I go any further, there are some things I need you to know first.


  This is Not a “Get Rich Quick” program, you Have to Work for it. If you are chasing a Million Dollars by the end of the month, this is probably not the system for you. You cannot Unlock and Activate Your Divine Feminine Money Mastery overnight. Just like a flower, it has to Bloom, so we encourage our clients to organically grow into the powerful, independent business woman you want to be.

  If you follow Your Success Blueprint, you will make money and create a Shift in Awareness, Motivation and Inspiration for Yourself and Others. I promise, you can have the Results you are looking for, if you do the work.

  It’s all backed by LMP’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. I want you to have complete confidence and peace of mind in doing business with my company. So, here is my 100% Risk-Free, Money-Back Guarantee – If you find that LMP has not been life changing for your Body, Mind or Spirit then I will Refund your money, it’s just that simple.

So, what is it? Hosting Your Very Own Life Makeover Parties! Your Life Makeover Party Business is where your Party Guests connect together either in Person, the Telephone or Virtually (It’s your business, you decide what is right for you) with other like minded people moving towards the same goal or objective. You, the Party Hostess will have before and after fun planned that will strengthen the bond between you and your new friends, while LMP provides you with the “Party Kit” that will take your guests to actionable success and achievement on their hearts desires. It’s about building a support system and having Fun while pursuing your personal best.

It is the same concept as a Makeup Party, Tupperware party or a Jewelry party. Gather together, have fun and achieve results.

Because we live in a day and age of technology, you’re able to come together with people from all over the world who are working towards the same goal that your Party Kit provides. You could literally have a Life Makeover friend down the street, as well as a new friend across the globe, all of you cheering each other on and supporting each others desire to Achieve, Succeed and Celebrate.

LMP is dedicated to each and every one of you and is bringing you incredible opportunities to enhance the magical being that you already are. The following “Party Kits” are only “some” of the areas that are uniquely tailored to your Life Makeover Party Business.


Each Party Kit is filled with all the basic tools to get your Party Guests started Instantly. Your Party Guests (and You) can put the content to work for them immediately! Each Party Kit comes with feature rich content that allows them to see clearly, no more confusion or overwhelming disorganization.

Most Party Kits Include, but are not limited to:

  Breakthrough Manuals       Personal Mastery Methods     Stress Soothers       Workbooks       Downloadable Forms and Checklists

Promises you can make to your Party Guests are the very Same Promises LMP is making to you:

  Action Assignments that take the guess work out of creating your solutions and results, you get detailed and crystal clear instructions that explain exactly what to do, and most importantly How to do it.

  You’ll experience exactly how Strong and Empowered you really are by applying the transformative information you get.

  You’ll discover the right strategies that keep you motivated and inspired to keep moving forward. No more giving up or wasting time on things that don’t work.

  You’ll get amazing tips, tricks, advice and guidance that will open your eyes to your stumbling blocks as well as your success. You’ll learn something New in each Party while maintaining victory over your current realism.


During your Life Makeover Party, all you have to do is Present it, Support and Encourage your Party Guests and Have Fun. Oh yeah, did I mention that you keep ALL of the money you make? We don’t touch any of it, it’s all yours, you keep 100% of the profits you earn!

What are the potential Profits you can make as a Life Makeover Party Hostess? Everyone is different and everyone is working for various reason, so it all depends on what you pour in to your New Business. Each Party Guest pays $39.97. Lets say that you are just testing it out and start off slow, you sign up 5 party guests at $39.97 each, that’s a $199.85 profit for you. Each Party is around 2-3 hours, so that’s a damn good income for only 2-3 hours of your time, and its all Yours!

The amount of money you can make is Limitless, it all depends on you. How many parties can you book? How much time are you going to invest into your Life Makeover Party Business? What Party Kits are you interested in leading? Your options are exceptional and your potential is endless.


Want to Know How to Get Started?


I bet you’re waiting for me to drop some kind of financial bomb on you, huh? Well, that’s not going to happen, so take a deep breath and exhale, because this is all about creating a “way” for all of us to Achieve, Succeed and Celebrate.

First, so we are sure to meet your needs, let me show you some of the Benefits we offer that will set you up for Success with your New Life Makeover Party Business.

  Each Party Kit is delivered separately, so you can pick and choose what you are attracted to, or what you want to also strengthen, learn or grow from.

  You will Quickly attain Rapid Transformation in your Entrepreneurial Career because we provide the leadership, support and education to take your business to the next level.

  Because we offer a huge selection of Party Kits, we teach you How to Identify Your Perfect Party Niche – So you can Deeply connect with your Purpose and Business Market.

  We offer Business courses that teach you How to Create the Core Building Blocks of your Online Presence that Resonates with Your LMP Business Goals – so you can begin immediately laying the Framework for Living Life on YOUR terms.

  We show you How to Discover your Party Brand and let Your Business echo the Vibration your Inner Being Exudes – So you can Fall in Love with your business and maintain a Passionate work environment that feels good all the time.

  You are given the chance to learn How to Design your Life Makeover Party business with Automation – So you can work less and earn more by Opening Unlimited Money Windows with Passive Income. (This is on top of the money you make from your Parties)

  You can learn How to Craft and Design your Elevator Pitch and Backend Scripts – So you can effectively represent Your Life Makeover Party Business without stumbling over your words. Bold and Confident is how you will showcase the Greatness of what you do, and how you do it

  We teach How to Map out a 30/60/90 Day Marketing Strategy – So you can Achieve your Client Attraction Goals

  You are given the chance to find Balance within Your Business by learning How to Shift into the Properly Aligned Mindset – So you can Attract the Clients that you LOVE to work with, and who say “Yes” to your Programs, Products and Offerings


I’m sure by now you realize this is no ordinary business opportunity. This is a Life Changing Opportunity, where you work for yourself and get paid to Heal, Learn and Grow within the Totality of Who You Are.

BUT FIRST, I want you to Stop and Listen very Carefully. Can you Hear it?
That’s your Entrepreneurial Spirit saying YES!

  YES I want to work for Myself!
  YES I want to make a Difference!
  YES I want to feel Empowered!
  YES I want to create a Positive Cash Flow!
  YES I want to build a Rewarding Business!
This is where you bring your Career and Purpose together and give it Form. Whether you’re a seasoned Entrepreneur or New to creating Your Own Business, you are handed EXACTLY what you need to See Results.

Tangible, Powerful and Immediate!

Working for yourself makes sense, and when done correctly can reap huge rewards. Women are increasingly taking command of their lives and running, not just their homes, but also their Home Business.

I can’t tell you enough how ** E – M – P – O – W – E – R – I – N – G ** it is to:

  Be Your Own Boss
  Make Your Own Money
  Design Your Own Schedule
  Answer to Yourself

I could go on all day about the greatness of working for yourself, but instead I invite you to Jump In and Feel it for yourself! You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Go for it!

I hope this gives you the confidence to jump in and start enjoying all this place has to offer and further Achieve, Succeed and Celebrate.

Stepping into self awareness is about moving into a place of strength within the core of who you are. Facing the reality of our life experience leaves a door open for self acceptance and from there, anything can be born!

Propel yourself into a place of confidence, motivation, assurance and most importantly, intention. Releasing negative self image and any resistance that is keeping you stuck and bound by limitations. Polish your sense of purpose, define and accelerate the growth of your goals and embrace self love.

Get your Free “Starter Kit” (Valued at $197) and begin Your New Life, AND Your New Life Makeover Party Business Now by Signing up Below. You could literally be working within the hour. I mean it when I say, we HAVE to do better, so this is LMP’s way of contributing to that. xoxo

There is No blame and there are No victims.
You are Woman, Rise to the Occasion.

Peace, Laurie


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