If you had just one opportunity to seize everything you have ever wanted by taking Immediate Action, would you know what to do?

Imagine your life Exploding into Exactly what you want. Achieving and Accomplishing Your Most Cherished Goals and Dreams. The opportunity here promotes you to Re-Sculpt the Totality of Who You Are.

Learn to Align your Unique Expression of Magnificence and Make it a Reality. Wisely craft and formulate the Life that is a Perfect Fit For You! You are absolutely going to love your experience here, and it is impossible to fail in your Growth when you Apply the Action and lessons correctly. You will begin to live a more Powerful, Fulfilling, Limitless Life!

This is a company that values women. I have carved a path to wellness and I’m willing to show you how to do the same. The one common root you will find throughout our connection is Realism. I have been there and done that.

I am not pulling from just text book learning, I am pulling from my personal experience of life, love and the ever powerful lessons learned. I specialize in connecting with people of all ages who are pursuing Greatness in their life. Those who are Ready to transform their lives from ordinary to Extraordinary. Life Makeover Party’s purpose is to provide the tools and resources necessary to inspire the Passion and Action needed to explore your own personal discovery of Self that will move you beyond mundane living.

This opportunity has been created for anyone who wants to live a successful and more fulfilling life. This is where you do count and you are heard. Your story is Important and you will feel like this place is a breath of fresh air. LMP is here to assist you in achieving your personal Success and Greatness.

Your connection here is filled with Solutions for what holds back the life you Know you are meant to Live. The VIP Day Intensives and Parties are also very exciting, everyone connects together either in Person, the Telephone or Private Chat with other like minded people moving towards the same goal or objective. Your Party Hostess will have before and after fun planned that will strengthen the bond between you and your new friends, while LMP provides the Coaching,Tutoring, Mentoring and so much more. It is about building a support system and having Fun while pursuing your personal best. It is the same concept as a Tupperware party or a Jewelry party. Gather together, have fun and achieve results.

Because we live in a day and age of technology, you are able to come together with people from all over the world who are working towards the very same goal you are. You could literally have a Life Makeover friend down the street, as well as a new friend across the globe cheering you on and supporting your desire to Achieve, Succeed and Celebrate.

LMP is dedicated to each and every one of you and is bringing you incredible opportunities to enhance the magical being that you already are.The following courses are only some of the areas that are uniquely tailored to your VIP Intensive, Private Session or Party.

* Law of Attraction – Manifesting
* Reiki – Reiki Master Teacher Certification
* Self Worth – Celebrating You
* Emotional Balance – Being accountable and present
* Body, Mind and Soul – Experience peace of mind, inner balance and spiritual enlightenment
* Love and Relationships – Enjoy greater love and intimacy
* Online Business Success – Create and Design your own Work at Home Business
* Customized Spiritual Coaching Packages – Its limitless

Your experience here has been designed with you in mind. It is filled with Solutions for what holds back the life you Know you are meant to live, and it is a chance for you to Resculpt your life, a chance for you to stand on your podium of greatness. You Will Achieve and Succeed here. All you have to do is follow the program and you will unfold Exactly what you want.

LMP put all the pieces together and is offering you the chance of a Lifetime! Not only are you making New Friends, but you are also creating a Life Makeover for yourself. The Best Part, it is all backed by LMP’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you find that LMP has not been life changing for your Body, Mind or Spirit, then I will Refund your money. It’s just that simple.

So… Who am I?

laurie-6aa-bw-4Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Laurie, it means Victor/Victorious. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, it hasn’t been! Its a little hard to wear the Crown of Victory while riding the Ass End of the Hard Way. I have been there and done that. Some I would do again and some, you can trust, I would run screaming from if ever confronted with it again.

My story is a story of Angels, Demons, Thugs, Gangsters, Prostitution, Addiction, Abandonment and Homelessness. Be assured, I know what it’s like to run out of gas at Dysfunction Junction. You know, because things just aren’t Hard Enough.

My area of expertise is: Elevating you. Proving your magnificence. Reading the essence and energy of a situation and then teaching “you” how to Redirect it in order to enhance or reshape the outcome. I put the Awareness of your Power and your Greatness in the palm of your hands, and then show you what to do with it.

As a skilled empathic teacher intuition, realism and spiritualism are my tools to open you up to a greater Balance within the totality of who you are. I have a profound ability to reach in and open you up on the deepest of levels. You Will heal the layers of your life and tap into the success that is Your Birth Right.

Your Mentoring sessions here focus on identifying and promoting your strengths in order to enable you to heal the past and move into the present with success. The more you focus on your strengths the more my Service is able to assist you in facilitating healing for your Body, Mind and Soul.

My life is still in motion, believe me, I get it. I am a real woman with real world needs. I fuss, cuss, lose it, cry and have strong emotions, so clearly I face the very same challenge as you do, and that is to Intentionally put myself Back in Alignment. LMP provides amazing Tools that makes that transition Easier to do.

I specialize in showing you how to facilitate a Shift in Awareness. You will experience a heightened sense of inspiration, hope and excitement, gaining power over your problems and successfully advancing your healing into the present moment. Most people experience improvement within the essence of who they are during their first session. I believe you arrived to me as a complete and whole individual, you only need to be shown that you Are truly a Strong and Empowered being. It is my hope that you find our connection to be exciting, fun and filled with laughter while exploring the depths of who you are.

This is a place for you to Accept and learn that You Are A Unique and Remarkable individual. You Will Achieve and Succeed here. All you have to do is follow the simple to apply lessons and you will behold the wondrous things you are capable of doing and being.

I hope this gives you the confidence to jump in and start enjoying all this place has to offer and further explore the experience of Achieving, Succeeding and Celebrating.

Stepping into self awareness is about moving into a place of Strength within the core of Who You Are. Facing the reality of our life’s experiences leaves a door open for self Acceptance and from there, Anything can be born!

Propel yourself into a place of Confidence, Motivation, Assurance and most importantly, Action. Releasing negative self image and any resistance that is keeping you stuck and bound by limitations. Experience a greater sense of Purpose, Define and Accelerate the growth of your Goals and Embrace Self Love – Start Here :)

There is No blame and there are No victims.
You are Woman, Rise to the Occasion.

Peace, Laurie

Topics of interest: DIY Life Hacks, Love and Relationships, Empowerment, Sustainability, Organization, Financial Balance, the Body/Mind connection, Couponing, Crafts, Homeless Resources, Online Business and Marketing, Law of Attraction, Motivation, Inspiration and More. It’s Limitless.

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